Tips on Choosing Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Tips on Choosing Rooftop Cargo Carrier
Tips on Choosing Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop cargo carrier or place storing goods on the roof of the car more popular, other than as an alternative in carrying goods that are safe and comfortable are also widely used as accessories to add a strong impression on the car.Roof rack generally made of iron, aluminum and plastic. Roof rack that is made of iron is commonly used on off-road (SUV) characters with high carrying capacity (having the best power), while for MPV cars many use roof rack material from aluminum lighter so as not to burden the car itself, for city car cars mostly wear roof rack with aluminum and or plastic materials.

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Installation of this rooftop cargo carrier should be consulted on the official car repair shop to find out whether the car can be installed roof rack custom or not, usually for low-cost car roof cars tend to be less strong so quite risky when fitted with roof rack. Roof rack mounted on the car must qualify to survive at a speed of 140 to 160km / h, while the recommended load for transporting goods is:

* For the type of MPV or city car the maximum load that can be transported is 75 kg
* For the type of SUV is usually the roof of the car is still able to survive if given a maximum load of 100 kg with a note that the roof rack able to survive at a speed of 140-160 km / h

According to the rooftop cargo carrier repair workshop if a good roof rack is not only good in the model, but also in the material and the roof rack installation. Still according to the roof rack maker’s workshop that at least roof rack should be able to withstand the burden of as many as 6 adults đŸ™‚ with iron material thickness of 3 mm. Probably the roof rack for Jip cars like hardtop (Landcruiser), landrover or other tough cars. still recommends that the maximum load is 100 kg, above it is already very risky especially if driven at high speed.


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