Few Options for the best vacuum cleaner

Cyclone type with clean exhaust. The cyclone type vacuum cleaner sucks up and puts it in a special tube. You do not need to buy a dust bag to hold dust so it is more economical. The air being sucked is also separated by dust with centrifugal force, so that the air released is cleaner and does not smell.

However, compared to the type of dust bag, you have to remove dust more often if you use this type of cyclone. For those of you who prefer clean air or are allergic to dust, we recommend choosing this type of vacuum cleaner. The disadvantage, because this type of vacuum cleaner separates dust and air with a centrifugal force, suction power tends to be weaker than the type of dust bag.

The sucked dust affects the suction power. Although we often encounter a vacuum cleaner with suction power writing like “600 W”, we should not only assess the quality of the vacuum cleaner based on numbers. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner type of dust bag and cyclone will decrease if the dust inside the tool has accumulated.

In the type of dust bag, the dust will continue to accumulate inside and the suction power will get worse if you do not immediately replace the dust bag inside. On the other hand, the cyclone type holds dust in a special tube so that the dust that is collected cannot be as much as the type of dust bag. You must discard the dust every time you finish using it. Therefore, the suction power performance for this type will not change every time you use it.

But keep in mind, the suction power of the type of dust bag is stronger than the cyclone type. Therefore, consider carefully before choosing thebest vacuum cleaner type that is right for you from

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