Mobile Legend Hack for Chou

Chou just got a nerf that is not so influential. As I discussed earlier (often often), this hero has almost no specific weaknesses. It has a capability named Shunpo, which can avoid all the skill the enemy uses. In addition, The Way of Dragon is a very good crowd control ability used to destroy the hero carry enemies.

Besides being strong in attack, Chou is also very good at surviving. He has high survivability due to his agility. Almost all the heroes in this game are very overwhelmed to target Chou. Chou himself is very good when he was given equipment that provides physical defense and magic, according to circumstances.

The more he is hard to kill, the messier the strategy the enemy uses to win the battle. But the disadvantage, if Chou is chosen to be an off-tank, then your team requires another hero that can give more burst damage.

Zhao Yun is a top choice for players when playing in Fashion Mode. Why? His role as a pusher greatly influenced the team. One Zhao Yun was able to destroy the enemy tower quickly. Of course it is because Zhao Yun has a supportive ability. Besides being a pusher, Zhao Yun is also very good in ganking. It has a very good disable ability Spear Flip. This skill allows enemies who do not have good escape mechanisms (such as Layla, Eudora, etc.), unable to escape from the ambush.

The ability of Supreme Warrior  is also very good in doing push, ganking, or even escape. He is one of the heroes is quite slippery to target. Interestingly, Zhao Yun can be more deadly than Assassin if given the appropriate equipment. Unfortunately, Zhao Yun is not good at team fight. All the skills he has is a single target. For that, the frontal battle would be a suicide for Zhao Yun. Besides, Zhao Yun’s defense is not high, although he has been assisted by many equipment that increases defense.

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