Industrial craft Kardus

Industrial craft Kardus
Industrial craft Kardus

Karton box is not something we rarely find. On various occasions, we will very often encounter this type of paper used as a wrapping of goods. But did you know that cardboard paper can also be used as a variety of interesting craft? Of course it is with glue for the right cardboard used. provides more details about karton box paper type that are useful.

Cardboard or kardus is a very typical paper type when compared to other paper types. This material has a considerable thickness with a strength level over average paper. Cardboard is generally used as a wrapper. For example as a shoe wrapper, instant noodles, to a variety of furniture such as thermos. Often this material is then scrubbed or burned as waste. Did you know that a variety of interesting craft products can be made from this material? Industrial craft is often used cardboard. Craft or craft made of cardboard is also actually been made by society. Until today, the craft that utilizes cardboard can be:

  1. Frame or figura
  2. Small shelf
  3. Dolls
  4. Lampshade
  5. Flower decoration
  6. And various other cardboard-made craft products. Very unique and creative

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