Healthy Eating Tips to Get Good Body Shape

Spice this one gives a spicy flavor. Usually chili is processed into powder form or still intact. The use of chili usually mixed with some other spices such as cumin, cilantro, etc. Because the flavor of spicy chili can be a natural fat burner. Chili also contains vitamin C as found in oranges and grapes. However, the use of chili should not be excessive because it will cause health problems, especially digestion.

Benefit of Lemon for Body Muscle

The daily salt requirement is 2000 milligrams or about 1 teaspoon. But as a daily food flavor, the consumption of salt can exceed that amount.

An expert recommends to cook with oranges, vinegar or other spices to reduce the amount of salt needed for flavoring. But the University in Rhode Island found the key to reducing salt content in home cooking by adding lemons.

Aside from being a salt substitute, lemon also has many benefits for the body, including digestion, stabilizing blood and helping to break down body fat.

Since ancient times until now spices such as turmeric, ginger, coriander, candlenut, nutmeg, cinnamon until pepper is used as a flavoring dish. Each of them also has their own benefits, such as ginger that has anti-inflammatory effects to reduce pain and pepper that are beneficial to improve the digestive system.

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