Hatchback 2018 car release dates

Hatchback 2018 car release dates
Hatchback 2018 car release dates

After we discussed the LMPV segment that has a very tight competition, we move to the segment which is also no less exciting that is small hatchback segment. As we know, one of the contestants is Suzuki Swift already disqualified while from this segment, and replaced by Suzuki Baleno.

Based on data from Gaikindo wholesales during November yesterday, it appears that the competition in this segment is still include three major brands from Japan, namely Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki. Other contestants like Mazda, KIA, VW and Hyundai are still participating, but the sales figures are not as flashy as the three manufacturers we mentioned at the beginning. Okay, just go, the top of the small hatchback segment is the Honda Jazz GK5. Actually this is already predictable, because since its emergence in the Indonesian market more than a decade ago, Honda Jazz directly transformed into a small hatchback figure favored by Indonesian consumers.

Turning to second position, there may be still convinced that Toyota Yaris is in this position, because the Yaris is the eternal rival of Honda Jazz. But the reality says another, because now Suzuki Baleno hatchback is the one who occupies the runner up position. Yap, Suzuki Baleno hatchback shifts the Toyota Yaris with the acquisition of 659 units, while the Toyota Yaris entrenched in the third rank with 616 units. Both are still difficult to pursue the acquisition of Honda Jazz numbers in the number 1,069 units. The next position fell on the Mazda 2 which in fact became one of the most expensive small hatchbacks today, with sales figures reached 103 units.

Obviously, the rest are KIA Rio, VW Polo, and Hyundai i20. KIA with KIA Rio’s latest generation managed to record 30 units only in November 2017, but still inferior to Volkswagen who managed to make VW Polo listed 34 units. For the final position is the Hyundai i20 which only records the wholesales sales figures in the number 10 units only in the last month. Surely the fact that the Toyota Yaris has started threatened by the existence of Suzuki Baleno proves that the belief of the SIS party will be his new economic hero is true, then what about the fate of Suzuki Swift?

Among small hatchback sales, there are some data about medium hatchback sold in Indonesia, where Honda Civic Turbo can record 204 units in November, and Mini Cooper with 43 units. So, how do you think the small hatchback competition map in Indonesia? We all waiting for new small hatchback 2018 car release dates for familiar brands such as Suzuki, Toyota, Mazda, Kia and Hyundai

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