Beanie Hat and best snowshoes
Beanie Hat and best snowshoes

Not only has the neck, head area also needed extra protection, including the ear is also sensitive to cold. I myself like to use beanie hat because it is more practical and closed all areas of the head (except the face of course). Some female friends like to wear earmuffs that do seem girly. The most excellent material of course wool, but other materials are also not less warm. The shops of nature lovers also provide a lot of couples for women or men at fairly affordable prices.

Socks are very important for outdoor activities during winter. When the temperature is minus, the hands will quickly stiffen, numb and very risky on your nerves. For temperatures above zero degree alias still plus, you can use a special woolen shirt made of wool or fleece. If it is minus, then the choice of hand shirts should have two layers, namely the outer layer of polyester or waterproof skin, and inner layers of wool or other warmers. Such gloves are very easy to find in the shop of nature lovers near you at varying prices.

Do not forget to choose best snowshoes and a glove that can be used for the touch screen so you do not awkward style when you want take selfie