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White became one of the favorite colors of many people. White color is classified as neutral easily combined with other colors so favored for the interior of the home design.
White color also creates a minimalist impression, but elegant and modern, and the room looks more spacious. But this color is easy to dirty when exposed to dust and stains, so please note the care for the beauty is not reduced. Here are tips on caring for the white house interior that you need to pay attention.
-Protect from Spillage Stains
Be careful when doing something in a room decorated in white. For example, when bringing a cup of coffee, do not let the coffee spilled.
-Immediately Clean When Smudged
Even if you are careful, sometimes you cannot avoid accidental spills. If your white wall or furniture is stained, then you should clean it immediately. If delayed, the stain will be difficult to remove. In addition to cleaning the stain, you also need to keep the room clean from dust on a regular basis.
-Choose Materials that are Easy to Clean
If you paint a white wall, choose a paint that is easy to wash its surface to make it easier for you to clean the stains on the wall. For furniture, you can choose a glass or plastic material that if dirty more easily cleaned only with a damp cloth.
-Apply in a Minimal Space Activity
White interior should be applied to rooms with minimal risky activity for dirty, such as bedrooms. Avoid applying white in areas at risk of stains, such as kitchens and dining rooms.




Fleur de lis home decor for second floor
Fleur de lis home decor for second floor

Modern Home decorating for 2nd Floor with Fleur de lis home d├ęcor is beautiful. If you have a house with two floors, you can try decorating a 2-storey minimalist house to make your house look more elegant and also grand. Add a touch of mosaic accent or small rock elements on the front of the house. This accent will indirectly make your minimalist home decor in the interior look more grand and elegant. Rock or mosaic accents can give a strong and sturdy impression but still look simple and elegant.

In order to make a minimalist impression in your two-story house stronger .You can use games from some minimalist colors like chocolate, white, black, gray, cream, and more. Actually, if we know the basic concepts of making a minimalist home design properly will certainly be easier. Easier to create and also bring a minimalist impression in your dwelling.

Decorating the right minimalist home will also make the impression or minimalist elements that you want to present the stronger and also look real.
So little info about how you organize the room in a minimalist home for the nuances are stronger and also more real. As a note that the basic concept of a minimalist house should be prepared with such a mature concept preparation because the Fleur de lis home decor minimalist design is not including the design that is easily embodied.
Minimalist home decor can help you to keep the basic concept of minimalism in your home more visible and stronger.