August 2018


‘I don’t want to play with you anymore. Now we are not friends anymore.. ‘ That was the expression of one of the 5-year-old who was heard when they were together with their playmates. It’s a little funny, given the age that is still very early to act like an adult.

There must be a lot of parents who have experienced the situation as above lately. Sometimes children who are toddlers can even say words or behave like adults on television. The question is when a parent or family environment never exemplifies such behavior, then who is the example?

Don’t think negatively first. Please check the children’s watch while at home. It is no secret that watching TV shows today are increasingly unhealthy, especially for early childhood. However, as a wise person, we certainly cannot blame the television, right?

In fact we as spectators or television lovers can choose. We are free to choose what spectacle is suitable for us to apply at home. Especially for parents who have children under five or are in their infancy. Because right, toddlers are the best imitators. Then what if the child is very fond of watching television?

Well, so as not to be confused, let’s read the tips below. Hopefully it can be a solution to remain wise in facing children who like watching television.

  1. Watch that matches age

Adjust the child’s age with the spectacle they see. At present, the choice of children’s spectacle is more and more, what must be considered is how worthy the spectacle is for our children. And what benefits or values ​​can be taught to children after watching the broadcast.

  1. Choose a cartoon that teaches the value of goodness

Cartoon films that are milling about on television are now more and more. But not all have good values ​​or good for children’s mental development. Look for cartoons that are full of meaning. We can find out via the internet. ‘Princess’, ‘Tarzan’ and Lion cartoons are examples of good cartoons for toddlers.

  1. Set a television viewing schedule

To set a schedule for watching television, it must be accompanied by time discipline. If parents always discipline television viewing schedules, children will be indirectly accustomed to following the rhythm. Remember, playing is an important activity for their physical and mental

  1. Accompany children while watching television

When watching television, try to accompany the child. Accompanying children while watching, in addition to increasing the quality of time spent together, can also increase the inner bond between parents and children. In addition, by accompanying children while watching television, parents can give understanding and tell the child, what is good and not good from the scene shown.

  1. Parents must be consistent

In addition to children who must be watched, parents must also obey the rules and discipline with time. Choose a spectacle that can be seen at a safe time. The purpose is safe is outside the active hours of the child. If even forced to watch when the child is still awake, then parents do not need to panic. Encourage children to watch together while teaching good values ​​that can be picked from the film they watch.

Need sacrifice and a big heart. However, for the sake of a brighter future for children and enjoying them growing like their children, we certainly will not mind. May be useful.

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Asthma because the environment will cause interference to people in the environment. Symptoms of asthma will become more severe if the patient is in the environment for a long time. Various types of causes of asthma from the environment are as follows.

  • Various types of fruit extracts and powders
  • Cotton, dust production of textiles such as fabrics and hemp
  • Various types of chemicals such as coloring powder, detergent powder, foam and rubber
  • Various metal industries such as chromium and nickel processing.

Living in an environment that causes asthma will be a huge potential danger to health. if you have detected an allergy or asthma caused by the environment, then do the following steps:

  • Request permission to rest, to find out about body reactions such as health conditions, coughing and shortness of breath
  • Perform treatment with an expert doctor
  • Take precautions to avoid exposure to asthma-causing substances
  • Request to change work or change parts.

Natural Asthma Treatment

Various types of asthma medications are usually given by doctors for a longer period of time, to people with asthma. But long-term drug use will also cause some other health risks.

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