April 2018


If you pay your credit card before the due date
If you pay your credit card before the due date

The bank will bail out the funding needs in the transaction. Furthermore, on the agreed date, called the due date, you must pay the bail out of the bank you have used.

If you pay your credit card before the due date, you will be interest free. Whereas if you pay after maturity, you will be exposed to interest. Likewise if you pay the bill with a minimum payment: the bank will charge interest from the current bill. Therefore, free credit card is much better in usage.

Here comes a lot of trouble: bill payments always with minimal payout so you are exposed to your interest and your debt is endless.

However, as long as customers still treat credit cards as a means of facilitating transactions, customers need not be afraid of owning and using credit cards. Because the transaction is still in accordance with the financial ability.

Here are the credit card functions you can use to maximize the benefits and benefits of each transaction:

Credit Card Help Consolidate the bill

With a credit card, you can take advantage of the various billing payment features you have. Such as electricity bills, mortgages, phone bills, cable TV, vehicle installments, to installment of water.

You do not have to queue up at the ATMs on the eve of the due date and do not need to remember different customer numbers. Simply register the charge to the credit card issuing bank to pay all the regular bills.

Then before the due date of the invoice, you have to pay all the installments in full. Check with the credit card issuing bank you now have, what are the bill payment services provided to each of their credit card customers.

If you do not have a credit card yet, choose a credit card that has a payment facility for these various routine charges to consolidate all bills.


Third Party Legal Responsibility Insurance
Third Party Legal Responsibility Insurance

If when you hit either someone else’s vehicle, the fence of people’s houses, postal posts or hit people and the aggrieved party demands compensation and repair or hospital fees that can be borne by the insurance. You just ask the insurance to be covered also Third Party Legal Responsibility. There are already included in the form of packages, there is also a must add premium.

When it comes to car insurance estimator, usually Third Party Legal Responsibility is around $75 per incident, $450 per incident, $800 per event or how much you want. This means that if you choose $800 per incident, at the time there is a claim third party insurance will reimburse that maximum $800

If there is a third party claim when your claim must also include a local authority letter stating the incident and a letter of claim from the third party involving

The riot coverage is that if your vehicle is disadvantaged due to rioting, sabotage, work hindrance, terrorism and looting, the loss will be covered by insurance if you join this coverage.

But you have to read the policy of what kind of riot discover and what is not. Because there are some types of riots that are excluded.

Own risk for Melee is usually 5% of the total loss agreed or minimum $35 and usually the motor cannot use this facility.